About the Company

In 2007 Bill Boulton started importing modular homes into the region. After observing construction and quality problem with imported modular homes, in 2019 he incorporated Smart Modular Canada and in 2020 production started at Thunder Bay facility. With hundreds of combined years of construction/modular experience the team at Smart Modular Canada continues to build energy efficient homes that meet all current standards for residents of Northwestern Ontario and beyond. Houses have been delivered within municipalities right up to travelling on ice roads to Indigenous communities located throughout the region.



To be the best supplier of modular homes and buildings in Canada.



Working smarter in an innovative and respectful environment, we manufacture affordable, quality homes and buildings that our customers and SMC family are proud of.


We Value

  • Our customers' needs - our customers always come first!
  • Outcomes that strengthen communities – we are advancing social and economic reconciliation
  • Respectful relationships and each other – we care about our customers and coworkers
  • Dependability and accountability – our employees and company can be counted on to deliver
  • Collaboration – we are better and stronger working together to meet our customer needs
  • Creativity & Innovation – we are continuously raising the bar in our products, services and how we provide them
  • Strong work ethic – we work with intent
  • Efficiency & effectiveness – we are mindful of monetary, social and environmental costs
  • Employee development – we invest in our employees so they build their careers with us