A Letter of Beginnings from Our CEO: Our First Year of Building Smart Solutions

A Letter of Beginnings from Our CEO: Our First Year of Building Smart Solutions

Starting up a factory in the midst of COVID-19 made for a challenging yet very rewarding first year for all of us at Smart Modular Canada. Together with our team and clients, we made it through to celebrate our first anniversary!

Originally a modular home dealer for 15 years, in 2020 we began our journey to become a local manufacturer of modular homes with our facility located just outside of Thunder Bay. Here, Smart Modular Canada builds modular solutions for residential, commercial, and First Nations clients. From design to construction, we can simultaneously construct up to 14 homes within the facility.

We are continuously improving our processes and techniques in our ongoing efforts to increase efficiency in building strong, elegant and energy efficient modular solutions.

We are very fortunate and honoured to have an amazing group of people that brings the Smart Modular Canada vision to life. It has been incredible to watch our multitalented team come together and build the company we are today. Most recently several First Nation students joined Smart Modular Canada to gain carpentry skills. We look forward to continuing this program as a regular complement to our staff; especially since many of the homes are constructed for First Nation communities. We are excited to see what we build together.

We are grateful to our clients for their continued support since the launch of Smart Modular Canada and we are looking forward to the future together! If you haven’t had a chance to visit our facility or showroom, give us a call to visit at +1 (807) 622-3125 or view our website at https://www.smartmod.ca/ Let’s build smart solutions together.

Bill Boulton
President and CEO of Smart Modular Canada Inc