Modular Construction – Is it Right for You?

Modular Construction - Is it Right for You?

Modular construction is a process where a building is constructed offsite using controlled plant conditions before being transported and assembled at a final location. This type of construction can incorporate a range of different building types and floor plans from tiny homes to apartment complexes.

What are the Applications of Modular Construction?

house-renderModular buildings can be temporary or permanent structures. The improvements in quality, design, and unit sizes allow this type of construction to find new applications. Modular construction has several advantages. The factory and site work division creates time efficiency up to 50% faster than conventional construction. Traditional construction is more time-consuming without a controlled environment as the construction schedule is dependent on weather conditions. The uses of modular construction are constantly growing. No longer associated with small, low-cost structures, the modern wave of modular buildings is proving that they can be used for any number of applications while offering cost and time savings compared to traditional builds.

apartment-block-renderA common misconception is that modular construction is geared towards small homes. The modern era of modular units can be used to create multi-level homes, apartments, hotels and can also be used in the healthcare field. They offer improved quality control, which is achieved through repetition, inspection, and operating in a controlled environment.

How Long Do They Last?

Floor PlanHow long a modular building lasts depends on whether it has been designed to be temporary or permanent. However, modern modular construction can be built to last just like a traditional build. They use many of the same building materials and are required to meet the building regulations and standards of traditional builds. While modular buildings undergo tests to ensure quality and safety, they will still need maintenance just like any other construction to maintain them and extend their life.The possibilities are endless.