The possibilities

Our Process

The Relentless pursuit of perfection in prefab homes

Completing our factory built homes is a process we refer to as “precision building” and it provides assurance your modular home will be constructed with every detail accounted for. From concept to completion, this process is designed to streamline the experience of building a perfect living space.

Each Smart Modular Canada Inc. design in Ontario and Manitoba can be modified to fit your lifestyle with the option to provide your own design. There are a multitude of Smart Modular Canada Inc. homes built in Ontario, Manitoba and beyond, each constructed specifically to meet the needs of their owners.

Our Process

Design. Build. Install.

We develop comprehensive modular home plans designed from a simple sketch or photo, in adherence to stringent quality standards of the Ontario Building Code, local municipal by-laws, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the strictest of factory inspections prior to each structure leaving the factory, to be installed on your property in Ontario or Manitoba.

Our Process

On Time. On Budget. Hassle Free.

Our homes are delivered On Time. On Budget. And Hassle-Free. We are able to make shipments across Canada no matter what the season. Our team ensures availability for our experienced truck drivers and crane operators to bring home the modules and set them into place atop of your foundation, piles or wooden cages. The process is a sight to behold. It is a thrill to start the morning with an open foundation on the ground and end the day with an installed structure. It’s almost “magic”.

Sample floor plans

Let's get the ideas flowing

You have the ideas. You know your needs. You know your budget. Our gallery of homes is an excellent place to start for those looking for conceptual ideas to start the process. Bring us your design and we’ll help make it a reality. Our team is skilled in working with you and we’ll stick with you from concept to completion.

Pre-engineered system built

Commercial solutions

For a quality business, you need a quality workspace. At Smart Modular Canada, we provide the structure needed for a proper office building. By using our “system built” strategy we can give prompt and cost efficient results not possible in conventional construction. We are able to build from a variety of structures to bring the best workspace to life.