What can you heat?

Heat any structure or space with infrared heating panels

Agricultural Buildings

Infrared heating panels are the ideal solution for heating large barns for many reasons:

  • They heat the floor, walls and animals rather than the air
  • They create the safe heat of the far infrared rays of the sun keeping the animals warm and comfortable
  • They dry the floors decreasing the spread of mould and odors
  • They operate silently
  • They do not force air to move from one area to another spreading dust and germs
  • They are more energy efficient than other means of heating
  • They do NOT produce a fire hazard
  • They are very easy to install
  • They have no moving parts and require no maintenance


Infrared heating panels are ideal for heating cool and damp basements.  No more mould, no wet spots, just a comforting, quiet warmth.

Buildings in the North

Infrared heating panels use far less electricity than other methods of electric heat; 70% less than baseboard heaters, for instance.  When infrared heaters heat your space, they heat all the objects in the room rather than the air.  Those objects then become repositories of stored heat themselves allowing the heaters to reach the desired temperature sooner and retain heat longer than with conventional heating methods such as forced air furnaces.

Because of their light weight, they also cost less to ship to remote destinations.

A wonderful solution to your heating needs in the north. Ask for a quote for your heating project.

Container Homes

Now our space-saving infrared heating panels can be used to heat container houses made from shipping containers and used for homes in inner cities, remote locations and third world countries.  A perfect solution for limited space heating requirements!

Equine Stables and Riding Arenas

Infrared heat is healthy and therapeutic for your horse. Dry them safely with an infrared heating panel. Great for all your equine buildings.

First Nations Communities

INFRARED HEATING PANELS– smart, safe and healthy

  • Bring the sun’s energy indoors!
  • Very easy to install
  • Heat the objects in the room, not the air
  • Store heat for future use
  • Clean, dust-free
  • Immediate energy savings over traditional heating systems
  • CSA certified
  • No moving parts; maintenance-free
  • Control mould
  • Present NO FIRE HAZARD
  • Heat your homes, offices, schools, halls, arenas, workshops, etc.
  • Plug-in or hard-wired
  • Available in 3 sizes:  24”x 24”, 24”x 48”, 42”x 42”
  •  Custom printed panels are also available


Heat your garage and turn it into an all-season workshop.


Heat your greenhouse more economically than you have been doing.

  • greens
  • tomatoes
  • greenhouse
  • shipping container greenhouse

Hockey Arenas

With infrared heating panels you can keep those fans in the bleachers cozy and warm while using a renewable resource and saving money at the same time.

Infrared panels will also keep your dressing rooms free of mould and mildew.

Estimate Form for Heating Hockey Arenas

Homes or Cottages

Heat your entire home, condo, apartment or cottage.

  • infrared heating in a kitchen
  • infrared heating in a bedroom
  • bathroom heating with an infrared panel

Click here to fill out the free estimate form for your heating project, big or small.  Let us do the work for you.


Prestyl infrared heating panels are ideal for hospitals where the finest in disease and germ control is required.

This heating technology contains all the elements that are required in terms of
hygiene, health, comfort, efficiency and durability.


  • Operating rooms/theaters
  • Baby Rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Emergency Services
  • Seniors housing/assisted living
  • Other areas such as: restaurant, offices, corridors, basements etc.….
  • Urgent care units
  • Sanitary areas / Clean rooms

Hotels and Motels

The Sound of Silence:  Message for Hotel and Motel Owners.

Our innovative infrared heating panels bring, not only wonderful enveloping heat, but also zero noise!

There will be no noisy heating unit to disturb your sleep as it cycles on and off.

No dust or germs will be blown around the room with the moving air.  No cold air when the unit shuts off.

Our infrared heating panels operate silently and emanate comforting warmth to everyone and everything in the room.

Offering no moving parts, no maintenance, and great energy savings, infrared heating panels heat the walls, floors and all objects in the room.  Heat is stored to be released later when the thermostat shuts off.  Our panels are CSA-certified made in the USA of the highest quality parts.

For more information check out the rest of our website.  For a free estimate on your heating project, click here to go to our quote form.

Industrial Buildings

Infrared heating panels are the ideal solution for heating large warehouses and other industrial buildings for many reasons:

  • They heat the floor, walls and furniture rather than the air
  • They operate silently
  • Heat recovery from the opening of loading docks is much faster than with convection heating methods
  • They do not spread dust and germs
  • They are more energy efficient than other means of heating
  • They do NOT produce a fire hazard
  • They are very easy to install
  • They require no maintenance
  • Panels can be suspended from the ceiling to bring the heat closer to where it is needed the most
  • They create the safe heat of the far infrared rays of the sun keeping employees warm and comfortable

Modular Homes

Infrared heating panels are especially suited for heating manufactured or modular homes which need to be transported to remote locations such as First Nations communities, high Arctic communities, remote logging and mining sites, hunting and fishing lodges.


  • take up very little space
  • need no duct work
  • are very easy to install
  • require no maintenance
  • present no fire hazard
  • are very effective in mould prevention
  • use very little energy in comparison to gas or oil furnaces or electric baseboard heaters

infrared heating panels installed in a modular home

 Personal care homes

It seems like infrared heating panels and personal care homes were made for each other. Soothing comfortable warmth that heats the objects in the room:  walls, floors, furniture and people.  Infrared heat is what seniors crave.  No more hot /cold areas in the room, no more dust and germs blowing around, no more noisy fans cycling on and off.

More reasons to love infrared heat for personal care homes:

  • They are safe and healthy
  • Prevent mould from forming
  • Heat the space more economically than other forms of heat
  • Take up no floor space
  • Are very easy to install
  • Require no maintenance
  • Are made in the USA and CSA-certified.

Places of worship

Many places of worship are large, old and drafty buildings with high ceilings and ancient heating systems. Energy-efficient heat is also important for modern churches. Infrared heating panels can be mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings or mounted on hover arms which can move to the side when not in use. They heat the people and objects rather than the air. As well they are very easy to install, require no maintenance and conserve energy thus saving money for the congregation.

We are putting an end to the enormous heat loss that occurs in wintertime when congregation members trickle into the main entrance, two or three at a time, letting in a blast of cold air. Simply stated, the building’s main heat is lost before services begin. Our infrared heating panels will not allow that to happen because, instead of heating the air, they heat all the objects in the building, i.e., walls, floors, pews and people. Expect 50 to 70% in heating cost reduction. Call for a quote for your place of worship and meeting rooms. A win-win for all.

heat a church with infrared heating panels

Renovated Homes

Use infrared heating panels to update ancient heating systems. No need to tear everything out just install the panels and you’re done.

before / after


Benefits of Using Infrared Heating Panels for your Sauna:

  • Infrared rays warm the body just as sunlight does and penetrates deeper for better cleansing and detoxifying.
  •  As well infrared rays bring an increased relief from pain and stress, improved circulation, lower blood pressure and wound healing.
  • Heat the people in the sauna rather than the air.
  • Reach the optimum temperature sooner.  No need to preheat the sauna.
  • No need to have the temperature up to a very high heat to get the results you need.
  • Ask your doctor about a prescription for a far-infrared-heated sauna.
  • The dimensions of the sauna and desired temperature will determine the size of panel required.


Far Infrared Heating Panels bring warm sunshine energy indoors.

No ducting, no maintenance, no dust, no mould, and no moving parts

Since the heating system does not transfer air from room to room, schools in the USA where infrared heating panels are installed have noticed a marked decrease in student absenteeism.

Airborne illnesses seem to be contained.

Of interest also, these heating panels are totally quiet, creating the best in learning atmosphere.  There is no background noise as experienced with forced air systems.

Experience in schools where infrared heating panels have been installed shows that students’ wet clothing would be dry in their lockers when it was time to go home.

Solar Homes and Buildings

If you are using solar panels to be less reliant on fossil fuels for energy thereby reducing your carbon footprint, then it makes sense to also use infrared heating panels for your heat source. Infrared heating panels use clean electricity and much less of it than traditional heating sources do.

“Perhaps it’s time we took a closer look at infrared heating and how it can complement the renewables revolution.” – See more at: https://www.renewableenergyhub.co.uk/blog/could-a-solar-pv-and-infrared-heating-mix-be-ideal-for-the-uk/#sthash.iXy055xz.dpuf


Turn your 3-season sunroom into a year-round paradise with our easy to install, no maintenance infrared heating panels. Your plants will love you.

  • custom decorative 42′ x 42′ panel heating a sunroom
  • healthy plants growing in a sunroom

Tiny Homes

Infrared heating panels are perfect for tiny homes where conserving floor space is a priority.  Mounted on walls or ceilings they take up no space while yielding safe, efficient and comfortable heat.

tiny house layout

Yoga Studios

Our unique radiant heating panels emitting healthy, safe far-infrared heat are perfect for all types of yoga studios.

Far-infrared heat is a far more therapeutic, deeply penetrating, and detoxifying form of heat which expels toxins, heavy metals and pollutants from the body, providing numerous health benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation as well as healthy muscle relaxation
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to soft tissue areas
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation
  • Envelopes participants in a balanced warmth
  • Eliminates extreme temperature differences within the space

Many yoga studios across the nation are upgrading to hot yoga. Prestyl is known for the best hot yoga technology on the market, and is the ideal choice when it comes to enhancing the hot yoga experience.

Infrared heating panels for yoga