Special Uses

Ice Dam Control and Prevention


No more climbing on the roof, shoveling or raking snow, no falling off the room, no roofing contractors needed.  With the introduction of our infrared heating panels to Canada, we have discovered that these stellar US-made, CSA-certified, heating panels remove not only moisture from a home but also ice dams from the roof.  Installed on the inside of a wall, they warm the walls and ceiling structure which, in turn, will prevent ice dams from forming on the roof and eliminate ones already there.

The bonus—you get to  heat your home economically year after year.

Our motto “Install and walk away”.

See the testimonial below:



The first two pictures were taken from above my daughter’s room which has a far infrared heater in it. Before installing the heater we were having water seep in between the wall and the ceiling this winter. After the heater the water issues stopped.  It has been nearly two months since installing the heater with winter temperatures and conditions testing us Manitobans to the limit. We are happy to report still no water seeping in any more.

Please see pictures of outside her room where water used to come in. — A happy family 🙂

It is very apparent to me that we require a far infrared heater for my son’s room, as we have water leaking through the walls due to ice dams. The heater solved my daughter’s issues now to test my son’s room. Please see pictures taken of the roof above my son’s room. It is obvious when you compare the pictures between my children’s rooms that the heaters do help prevent ice dams.

You can see the large buildup of ice and snow above his room. We will require another far infrared heater to place in his room now to keep his family happy. I am convinced without any doubt that the heaters help prevent ice dams.

— Darren N., Winnipeg, MB


Thawing Ground

Bring the Sun’s Rays Underground: Thaw Ground Quickly and Safely

Did you know that infrared heating panels are ideal for thawing ground?

Developers & Contractors Note:  Infrared panels provide safe and fast solutions for thawing ground.  Imagine speeding up your thawing time from weeks down to a few days to thaw frozen ground in order to start a new construction in the winter.  No longer do you need to use the energy hogging large industrial heaters to thaw the ground.  Infrared heating panels will do the job for you saving you time and money.

Before: ground is frozen
After: infrared panels have thawed the ground

Your imagination will take this in many different directions.

Here are some examples:

  • Thawing frozen water pipes and septic fields quickly and safely
  • Curing concrete and drywall with significant energy cost savings as compared to using large industrial heaters. Call us for details on how to do this.
  • Thawing ground in cemeteries