The Benefits

What Are The Benefits of Heating with Infrared Heating Panels?

  • Energy efficient; cost less than conventional heating methods; heat is retained in the floors and walls of any structure
  • Comforting warmth; no drafts, no dust, uniform heat
  • Safe; not a fire hazard; contain no carbon, quartz or glass
  • Save space; no floor space is taken up
  • Healthy; do not spread dust and germs
  • Have zero emissions
  • Quiet; no noisy on-off cycling
  • Light-weight for inexpensive shipping costs
  • Very easy to install; our motto, “install and walk away”
  • Long-lasting, 50+ years is expected
  • Use a renewable resource: electricity, the energy of the future
  • Easy to clean; simply wipe with a damp cloth
  • Control moisture, mould and mildew
  • Allow for zone heating; heat in each area is thermostat-controlled so that each area can be heated as much or as little as needed
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Increases oxygen in the blood
  • Improves skin breathing
  • Reduces muscle pain from overexertion
  • Accelerates cell generation
  • Reduces bacteria growth
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Noticeable improvement for asthmatics
  • Encourages body growth in people and animals
  • Offers relief from contact lens irritation
  • Eliminates mould and fungus in homes and buildings
  • Heat stabilizes humidity in a room making comfortable heating
  • Heat is distributed evenly. No more warm head and cold feet!
  • Safest heating, most comfortable and therapeutic for the human body.
  • Panels operate at very low surface temperatures in walls or ceilings without risk of fire
  • Offers the sun’s energy INDOORS!



Finally a solution to remove the fear:  Infrared heating panels prevent mould and mildew from forming in your home by heating the floors and walls of a room as well as all the objects in it.  Moisture does not get a chance to form on your windows and walls.  The room is dry and comfortable.  As well, because there is no moving air as with convection heat, which warms and circulates the air, there is no spread of mold spores and bacteria in the home.  Perfect for bathrooms, basements and other areas of the home where dampness was a problem.


Infrared Heating Panel in Baby’s Room