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Our workshop

Modular Construction

Factory Site Tour

Welcome to the virtual tour of Guildcrest’s factory in Morewood, Ontario. We construct modular prefabricated homes (mini homes, camps and commercial buildings) here, then bring the structure to you wherever you are in Ontario or Manitoba.

Component Saw

The modular prefabricated construction of your home, mini house, camp or commercial building begins here in our 20,000 square foot Truss Shop. Automation ensures components for your modular home’s roof trusses are produced with greater precision and speed. The centre piece of this process is a high-volume, multi-blade Component Saw. Here materials for each set of trusses are cut and bundled together for transfer to the assembly area.

Truss Assembly

Unlike most home builders, we manufacture your home’s roof trusses ourselves to ensure exact fit. Each set of trusses is tracked with a number specific to your new modular home. Our unique hinged trusses allow the manufacture and transportation of higher roof pitches than factory built homes have traditionally been able to offer.

Finished Trusses

Finished trusses are folded and carefully stacked for transfer to the Main Plant. Here a new modular home’s roof trusses are stacked alongside the same home’s non-hinged garage roof trusses.

Stair Shop

At the far end of the building is our Stair Shop where we build stairs perfectly tailored to the layout of your new modular prefabricated home. Our double-headed router ensures identical slots on both stringers to strongly and seamlessly join treads and risers. This type of glued stair construction using blocks and wedges ensures solid and squeak-free stairs for generations to come.

Component Assembly Line

Now inside the 100,000 square foot Main Plant, this first line is where we build the interior partition walls and other more specialized components.

Roof Assembly Line

Trusses are precisely aligned in a massive jig and then strapping, a continuous air/vapour barrier and ceiling drywall are installed. Finally an overhead crane carefully lays down the roof and the trusses are folded for transportation to “the line.” Our hinged roof truss system means roofs can be lowered for safe delivery and then raised into place at your lot, allowing you a desirable high-pitch roof (and look) for your new modular home.

Exterior Wall Assembly Line

Exterior walls are created in our unique jig starting with placement of studs on perfect 16″ centers. Our wall jig applies pressure to ensure perfect square-ness and fit. Then a continuous air/vapour barrier and drywall are installed while the wall is still secured in the jig. Finished walls are placed in standing racks to await assembly with the floor and roof of your new modular home.

Floor Assembly Line

Another dedicated jig is the starting point of your home’s floors. Once again, square-ness and fit are assured while we assemble perimeter beams, install joists and cross-bracing, and glue /fasten sheeting right in the jig.

Floors Go “On Line”

Yet another overhead crane lifts the completed floor out of the jig and moves it to the beginning of “the line.” It is placed on its own set of trucks and moves through the factory on rails. Heavy duty building paper protects the sub-floor throughout the building process.

Walls and Roof Erection

Positioning for all interior walls is carefully laid out and marked using chalk lines. They are secured in place and then the exterior walls and roof are lowered into place. Because all elements are built perfectly square, you’ll be assured of right angles when wallpapering, decorating or adding other enhancements in years to come.

Mechanical Rough-In

Plumbing, ventilation and electrical services, as well as fireplaces, tubs and showers are installed next. This is also where we install other mechanical components such as phone and television cabling and central-vac rough-ins.


All exterior wall cavities are insulated and even the smallest spaces are filled to ensure there are no “cold spots” in your home. Insulating ceilings before installing roof sheeting ensures an even, complete job and energy-efficient results.

Roofing Sheeting and Shingling

Roofing material is supplied from our 100′ long roof-level walkway. Workers are secured by state-of-art safety harnesses and equipped with powerful, consistent air-nailers. This is one of the many stages in which your modular home will significantly benefit from our controlled environment.

Drywall, Windows and Doors

Our work crews are specialized for each stage of construction. Here, specialists tape and finish drywall, and expertly install windows and doors.

Exterior Cladding/Interior Finishing

The siding you chose for your prefabricated home is installed and various stages of interior work – from plumbing to light fixtures – are completed here.


Carpet, vinyl and ceramic floorings are professionally installed using traditional methods. Wood and laminate floorings are installed on-site.

Kitchen Cabinetry

With installation of the custom cabinetry you selected, the heart of your new modular home begins to come to life.

Interior Trim

Whether you choose painted or natural wood for your home, all trim is measured, cut, finished and installed by experts right here in our trim shop.

Loading of Site-Finishing Material

Finished flooring is protected with a cover and all materials needed for on-site finishing are loaded for shipping with your modular home.

Loading for Transport

Finally, your prefabricated modular home is wrapped to protect it from the environment during transport and moved off “the line.” Outside the factory it’s loaded on a trailer. Next stop, your prepared lot!