Smart business

Modular Construction

Smart building is smart business

We build pre-engineered modular structures in our affiliates factories. We build, and deliver prefabricated apartments, bunkhouses, cabins, lodges, steel solutions, schools, warehouses, tiny houses, modular trailer parks and more. Our clientele ranges from individuals and corporate organizations to aboriginal communities, mining corporations and large utilities.

We can completely customize your structure to accommodate your needs. Once completed, the structure is delivered to your property in pristine condition at your location in Canada. Most orders are destined to Ontario and Manitoba, but we can accommodate orders Canada-wide.

Smart Business

Office buildings

At Smart Modular Canada Inc., we can provide the structure needed for a unique office building. Our “system-built” strategy will give prompt and cost efficient results not possible in conventional construction.

Quality Units

Modular Duplexes and Trailer Parks

Our client base ranges from individual consumers, corporate organizations, first nations communities, trailer parks, mining corporations and large utilities. Our modular duplexes are built similar to our modular homes; with care and precision. We offer duplex, triplex, 6-plex or beyond depending on your building needs.

Building Teams

Oilfield/Mining Camps

As diverse as the need is for office trailers, homes, recreational or cook facilities, our diversity can meet those needs. Cost is a large influence for factory camp housing, but so is quality. We have experience in our team, and experience with our affiliated manufacturers to simplify the building process by essentially having all contractors under one roof. We will work together to find structural solutions for any camp or corporate site needs.


Hunting and Fishing Cabins

When you’re in the wild, you need a place that can feel like a home away from home. Main camps, cabins and outbuildings are most impressively designed to be cost-effective, pre-assembled and brought to camp locations with speed, efficiency and easily get you operational well before the next season.